Work Hard and Smart (Part 4)

People have been debating whether we should work hard or work smart, and I say, we should Work Hard AND Smart.

Both styles have propelled successful people to where they are now. So, why should we choose one when we can do both? Through the course of my professional career, I and most of the people I have worked with have experienced that working hard and smart is the way to go.

Working smart means making smart choices when you are doing your work while working hard means you should exert the right kind of effort to finish the tasks and goals you have set for yourself.

In this 4-part series, I will give you general tips on how you can work hard and smart to achieve your goals. This part is all about having the right outlook:

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  1. Dress the Part

Dress up and dress well. Even if the company you are working for allows casual outfits, make sure that you still look good and well kept. If you look good and people acknowledge it, then you will feel good and confident. The confidence boost can actually help you in doing your work and everything would seem easier because you are pumped full of happy feelings.

If you are aiming for a higher position then dress the part. It is easier for your superiors to think of you in the position you are aiming for if you look the part. It is like conditioning their minds that you are already one rather than you can be one. Aside from them thinking that you look the part, a well-groomed outfit can also command respect from your peers which will be plus points in the eyes of your bosses.


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  1. Eat Healthy and Eat on Time

Even if you have a pressing deadline, make sure not to miss your meals. If you constantly neglect your snacks and lunch, your output can be affected because your body is not properly nourished. This affects your mind as well as the decisions you make while working. So, do NOT skip your meals.

Eating healthy should also be your top priority when you are working. Stress eating can usually happen when you are trying to beat deadlines but this is a no-no. If you take in too much food especially carbs and oily food, it can drastically slow you down and make you feel sleepy and lethargic which hurts your performance more. So keep it light and healthy making sure you are sated but not too full and bloated.


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  1. Help and Get Help

As the Golden Rule says, ‘Do to others what you want others to do to you.’ If you have time to spare, try to help others with their tasks. This gives you the chance to learn something new by working with them and on new types of tasks. This can also work to your advantage when the time comes that you need help from them. In the same way, do not be afraid to get help when you need it. You cannot always do everything so learn to delegate and collaborate.


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  1. Remember Why

Always remember why you are working hard and smart. Sometimes, we lose focus on why we do things and forget the big picture. Whether you are saving for something or planning to have a better future for yourself and your family, you should never let your work overtake your primary goals. It will not matter if you get so much done at work if you become estranged to the reason why you are working in the first place. In the end, working is the means to achieve an ultimate goal. You can do this by putting reminders of your personal goals in your workplace like pictures or trinkets. Having these things in your line of sight can remind you of why you are striving hard.


Do you have other tips in mind? Comment your ideas below and share it to us. If you like blogs like this, Share and hit Like so I can make more for you.


Thank you and talk to you soon!

– Tiya Meri


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